Is a Mold Killer the Same as a Mold Cleaner?

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In a word, no.  In our everyday use of language, we are not always as precise as perhaps we should be and a maker of a mold cleaning product can bank on this to fool you into purchasing and using a product that may not be what you truly need, want, or think you are using.

While we as consumers of a mold cleaner or mold killer product might not be consistently precise the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the government agency responsible for regulating mold killer products, is very clear about the distinction between a product that kills mold and a product that merely cleans mold stains.  Many common mold cleaning products are NOT EPA approved or tested as actual mold killing agents.  The most commonly misperceived agent is without doubt household bleach.  Bleach will certainly remove most VISIBLE mold stains but it is not a tested or approved agent allowed to be labeled as a mold killer.

Mold is more plant like

It is important to realize that mold is more like a plant than a bacteria, and as such, mold actually produces root-like structures that penetrate into even the most microscopic of cracks and surface imperfections that are much too small to be seen or felt.  When you use a product that only CLEANS mold stains away, you are only removing the surface issue, the root of the problem.  As with a weed, if the root remains, the problem will return, so at best, a mold cleaner is only a temporary solution to a deeper rooted problem.

Solution – MoldStat Mold Killer

MoldStat is an example of a product line that has been thoroughly EPA tested and approved as an agent that absolutely does KILL mold.  Any member of the extensive MoldStat line of products will chemically penetrate to the root of the mold growth to disrupt the physical structure of the mold cells ensuring a complete kill.  The proprietary surfactants, deodorizers, and cleaners built into all MoldStat products will help to remove the dead mold residue, stains, and unpleasant mold odors.  The proper use of MoldStat, along with additional appropriate measures such as the elimination of the source of water that all mold requires to live and grow, can result in a mold-free area that stays mold-free without expensive and time-consuming repeat applications.

Multi-Surface Mold Killer

Not only is MoldStat an effective mold KILLER, it is also comparatively safe and easy to use.  MoldStat can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, including drywall, fabrics, and carpeting without any fear of the discoloration and materials destructions so common with bleach.  MoldStat is a super-concentrate, so a little goes a long way.  You add the water so you are not paying to ship inactive ingredient weight.

MoldStat is also a versatile agent that has additional EPA clearance for the KILLING of many bacteria and virus species.  MoldStat can be used in food preparation environments, nursing homes, schools, and in your home with complete peace of mind as an all around excellent multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant, leaving your home environment secured with proven mold and microbe killing power while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

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