How to get rid of mold?

Mold shows up where you least expect it, or maybe just where you least want it.  There are a few clues to look toward when trying to accomplish effective mold removal, but our goal is to tackle the question: “How do you get rid of mold?” (specifically Residential Mold Removal, not commercial).

Today’s Black Mold Removal

The mold and mildew removal process will vary based on the surfaces from which you are removing  mold and the location of the mold.    For example indoor mold removal (attic mold and Basement mold) is a different process from removing  roof mold or siding mold.   Additionally the surface the mold is attached to, specifically, is the mold on a porous surface like carpet mold, a vertical surface like mold removal from walls, or a hard surface like many basement floors, and cinder block walls.   If you are hiring a professional mold remover, they’ll take care of everything , but if you want to tackle mold removal as a DIY project, the basic steps hold true :

  1. Remove the gross filth
    This means all of the surface growth, whether pads of moss, or layers of dense black mold, use a mold cleaner to wipe, brush or scrape away everything on the surface, until the surface wipes clean with a paper towel.
  2. Kill the mold roots
    Complete the mold removal using a mold killer product that can penetrate into the structure of the mold’s roots.  Let it soak for at least 10 minutes.  (only use an EPA approved mold killer).
  3. Thoroughly Dry the area
    Moisture is what caused the mold, and mold cleaning involves even more moisture in the form of mold killing products.  So when the mold is dead and gone, you’ll need to bring in the fans to ensure that the area is completely dry.

Stopping Future Mold Problems

Once you have gone through the hassle of mold removal ( whether you did it yourself with mold removal products or hired mold removal contractors) you’ll probably agree that removing mold is not something you want to do again anytime soon.  So how can you stop mold growth in the first place?   In short, control stray sources of water.

Expected a more involved answer?  Well, it really is as simple as stopping water leaks or excessive moisture build up.  The moisture is a key element to Black mold, Green mold, grey mold, mildew and hosts of other fungus.  When you stop the moisture, they have no way to grow.

Of course, you can’t stop flash floods, or severe acts of god, but the simple things like making sure the basement sump-pump is working, keeping water from standing at the foundation of the house, and running a de-humidifier in areas that the moisture source in more of a condensate nature.  All of  these approaches reduce moisture, and prevent mold growth.  A dry house will keep the need for mold removal at bay, and save money, health and hassle too!

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