DIY Mold Removal

With the rains falling again, spring has arrived, and the need to find a mold cleaner that a home owner can use is once again a topic of discussion.

Do It Yourself Mold Remediation

You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by doing a flood or rain cleanup yourself.  The basic equipment just includes a quality mold killer ( we find MoldStat Plus to be a great value), gloves, a face mask plenty of paper towels and patience.

Just follow the directions on any mold cleaner you purchase, and work slowly and thoroughly.  Test that the surface mold has been removed by wiping the area with a clean paper towel; once the paper towel is clean after being wiped across the mold infested area, you know that the surface mold has been removed.  One final soak with your EPA approved mold killer, and you will be assured that even the mold roots have been killed.

From this point, just get fans in the area to dry out the space, and aerate the foul mold smell.  But if the mold was caused by a constant moisture problem, be aware that until the moisture is controlled, the mold will return.

For seasonal rains, or plumbing floods no future moisture control should be required.

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