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Mold Killers abound

When we looked to find effective mold killers we found a market full of mold killer products that claiming they could get rid of mold and mold spores with little to no effort. We tried many of these mold cleaners, and found that mold remediation is possible as a DIY project, but you need to be careful when choosing mold killers

The idea behind mold killer info

We had been answering questions from friends and family about how to get rid of black mold and whether to use bleach as a mold killer and how to create a safe shield from mold.. and .. and.. you get the point.

It made more sense to share mold cleaning information and tips with a larger audience so we could ultimately help more people with mold removal for all types of mold.

Choosing between the Mold Killers

Whether you are trying to answer the question “Do I have mold?” or you know you want to get rid of mold and just need to find the right mold killing product, we will have articles that help you make a good decision!

So enjoy the information found here at mold killer info.

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