Mold Killer MoldSTAT Barrier – Review and MSDS

Using Barrier Mold Killer and Prevention

MoldSTAT Barrier Product Review

4.85 out of 5 stars
Mold Proof Barrier

Cleans, Kills and Prevents mold.

This spring I found mold growing on the particle board on the underside of my crawl space. So I started to look for a mold removal product that would kill the mold and ideally prevent it from returning.

After looking through several mold cleaners I figured out that a cleaner is not the same as a mold killer.I knew the MoldSTAT products were registered to kill mold because I had used MoldSTAT Plus at work. I decided to go with MoldSTAT Barrier because it offered an anti-microbial mold proof barrier that would prevent the mold from growing back.

MoldSTAT Barrier comes in a ready to use 32oz trigger spray bottle so the price was more expensive per gallon than the MoldSTAT Plus (which is a concentrate), but I didn’t have a large area so 3 bottles was enough.

Because the Barrier was ‘ready to use’ it did not have all of the cautions that are on the MoldSTAT Plus label. I have included a copy of the MoldSTAT Barrier MSDS

Barrier effectively killed the mold back in April, and it hasn’t grown back! So I would have given it 5 stars if it were a concentrate.

Frank G from OhioJune 2013


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