Using MoldSTAT Plus in a Basement Family Room

Q: How can I use Moldstat Plus in a basement family room and a bedroom?

I want to use Moldstat Plus in both my basement family room and a first floor bed room but need to know what items I need to remove, cover or protect prior to the fogging with a Fogmaster Jr.?
Things like books, bedding and clothing can be coated during the process and will eventually dry but will the residuals be harmful when people contact them later? For example, should bedding and clothing be washed after the treatment?

Bob H from Alabama

A: MoldSTAT Plus can be used on carpets and even laundry.

Bob, application of MoldSTAT Plus using the Fogmaster Jr mold fogger is an effective way to treat for mold in any room. The directions include details for using MoldSTAT Plus specifically on carpeting with no warnings regarding future contact. Once the MoldSTAT Plus has dried you can come in contact with it. Of course for washable items, you can always wash them if it makes you more comfortable, but there is no requirement to do so. The only caution is to not use MoldSTAT Plus on food serving or preparation surfaces, so if you have any TV tables, take them out of the room. Also, remove any Pets and cover fishtanks to prevent unintended contact.

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