How to kill black mold

Killing Black Mold Can be a Challenge

First you have to contend with the fear of black mold, no one likes micro-organisms that can cause illness. Then once you are no longer worried by the black mold infestation, you come to the decision of how to get rid of black mold. Hire a mold remediation company? Try a DIY mold Removal project? What are the cost vs quality issues?

We will explore all of these as we turn to figure out how to kill black mold

Mold Remediation – Let the pros do it

The fastest way to get rid of mold, is to hire a local mold remediation specialist (just open your yellow pages). These companies should be certified by your state to know what they are doing. The draw back to using a mold removal specialist, is of course the cost. Mold Remediation by the books requires a level of caution and protection for the mold company’s employees to prevent them from contracting any illnesses from day-to-day exposure to toxic black mold. Because of the precautions, you can expect to pay more to hire a mold removal company. But, if you have an insurance claim, or mold related health concern, your best bet is to hire a professional and have the mold removed correctly.

DIY Mold Removal

If you have the Skills, or just don’t have the cash to hire a professional mold removal company, then you can consider your black mold removal project a Do-It-Yourself endeavor. You should keep in mind that all of the things the mold removal company makes look easy, you will need to explore on your own. That includes Mold Cleaners – Mold Killing Products and Mold Prevention Products; Mold Removal Tools – Mold ULV Fogger, Pump Sprayer or bucket and Sponge. And of course some basic safety products like gloves, and a dust mask to prevent breathing the Mold Killer Product and to prevent breathing the black mold (or any type of mold for that matter) that you are stirring up by attempting to remove it. (Explore Mold Killer Info for more specific articles on step-by-step black mold removal)

The choice of how to kill black mold is yours

Whether you choose a DIY project or decide to hire a mold remediation professional, getting rid of black mold should be a priority!


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