Should Mold Stains Vanish?

Mold Stain Removal vs Killing Mold

Killing mold and removing mold stains are not the same. While bleach can remove the visible mold stain by ‘bleaching the stain’, it doesn’t kill the roots. MoldSTAT Plus – EPA Registered Mold Killer – actually kills the mold at the roots. But that doesn’t always make the stain disappear. Ray asked if that was normal. Check out the answer:

Question about attic mold removal

I applied MoldSTAT Plus concentrate at the rate of 3/4 ounces per gallon in the attic of my home that showed signs of mold problems. I used both a spray bottle and a fogger to apply the mixture. After things dried the next day, I did not notice any visible changes in the mold where the MoldSTAT Plus was applied. Is that typical or should there have been a clear visible change to the mold?

MoldSTAT Plus – Lab certified mold killer

The results are normal.
MoldSTAT plus is a NON-BLEACH mold killer, it is not expected to make stains invisible, sometimes a stain will turn slightly darker as the mold dies (Green mold turns brown, dark green or black; black mold may turn grey).
The important thing is that the mold is dead after a 10 minute exposure to MoldSTAT Plus making it safe to handle the dead mold.

Removing dead mold

For areas that you want the stain removed, it is now safe to brush, wipe or scrub the dead mold away because the mold and spores are inactivated.

You could also use bleach in the stain removal process. Now that the mold roots are dead, you could optionally use bleach to remove the visible stains.

Leaving dead mold in place

If the appearance is not important then it is not necessary to remove the dead mold. You can paint over the mold without issue.

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